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Brock Lesnar in talks over UFC return

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has been in talks with Dana White, the president of the promotion, over a possible return to the promotion in a few months’ time.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, White had confirmed its reporter that there have been talks between the two parties but White also mentioned that he will not announce anything until everything has been formalized.

The situation involving the former World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE Championship holder is extremely murky after it was reported that he had been talking about a return to the UFC and would be present during UFC 168. However, he was nowhere to be found inside the arena during the show, nor afterwards.

The next day, Brock Lesnar made an appearance at a talk show where he stated that talks of his return to the UFC Octagon were generated not for the benefit of Dana White and Co. but for the professional wrestling promotion.

Although Lesnar is contractually bound to the WWE till 2015, it is being rumored that the promotion would consider waiving his no-compete clause in the contract to allow him to compete for other promotions such as the UFC.

But there have also been reports that the former IWGP World Heavyweight Championship titlist is using this situation to simply gain leverage with both the WWE and the UFC so that he holds the bargaining chip in future contract negotiations.

No matter what, however, Brock Lesnar is still a fighter with a championship holding pedigree having earned wins over Shane Carwin, Randy Couture as well as Frank Mir before illness took its toll on him but if he does comeback, it will no doubt, be an immense coup for Dana White and the UFC as well.

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