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A Decision Taken By Junior Dos Santos

Junior dos Santos was on the verge of defeat by Stipe Miocic but it was not all over for Junior dos Santos. In fact he was closer to yet another win. He was in a clear state of mind as he wanted to win the championship. He did defeat Miocic by a clear majority and a decision which was hailed by all. Judged by five people the decision was final.

Miocic was in complete mood as he tried to defeat dos Santos and it really got gruesome as blood was shed by him. Santos came back strongly and he believes that to come back strongly is a matter of pride as it is difficult to perform well under pressure.

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XCFL MMA Video clip Ranking: four / five

Miocic wants shot at title with win over Junior dos Santos

Stipe Miocic deserves a shot at the big prize, at least according to him.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Heavyweight fighter is preparing to face off against former UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos in December and during his preparations for the fight, he took time out to discuss how much he deserves to have a shot at the interim UFC Heavyweight Championship if he is successful in defeating the hard hitting Brazilian.

Miocic says that he thinks he is close to landing the big fight. He said that the Brazilian is ranked as the second best Heavyweight fighter in the UFC at the moment in terms of the current rankings and if he could beat him, then it would move him right behind Fabricio Werdum in the rankings and so, he believes whatever happens after that fight, he should be getting the shot at the title.

The Heavyweight added that Junior dos Santos has had his shots at the title, he has been a champion before and he has also been sidelined for a time as well. He added that if he could beat him, then he should definitely be given a shot at the title currently held by Fabricio Werdum.

According to Miocic, he has found the perfect way to beat Junior and has been spending his time studying tapes of the current UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez’s wins over Cigano in their last two fights as he tries to formulate a strategy that will earn him the win he craves.

Miocic believes the key to getting the win over Junior dos Santos will be keeping the pressure on him, and not letting the flow of punches drop. He added that Cigano is a great fighter, he moves a lot but he’s beatable and he hopes he can do that.

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XCFL MMA Video Ranking: 4 / five