WWE Wrestlemania 16 Mick Foley Vs Big Show Vs The Rock Vs Triple H

XCFL MMA Movie Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “WWE Wrestlemania 16 Mick Foley Vs Big Show Vs The Rock Vs Triple H”

  1. Kenneth Perkins says:

    I hate that this Wrestlemania was so uneven. On one hand, you had great
    matches like this one, the triangle ladder match and the two fall triple
    threat match for the euro-continental titles. But then you also had some
    serious dreck in it. The catfight was horrible, the first two tag bouts
    were garbage (Chester McCheeserton at Wrestlemania? Seriously?). The
    intergender tag was okay, as was Kane and Rikishi against DX, although
    forcing Pete Rose into this one felt canned. I loved the hardcore battle
    royal, even the botched ending.

  2. DestroyerD1990 says:

    Triple H has the best Entrance music of all time in this one

  3. JET-LIFE MUZIK says:

    Vince mcmahon always hit his leg on the ring thats why his knees are ruined

  4. Max Payne says:

    Love how Steph doesn’t react to the People’s Elbow. LMFAO!

  5. PumpkinHead105 says:

    Www 2k14 brought me here too

  6. Altan-od Mandakh says:

    WWE2K14 Bring me here!

  7. Max Gaulton says:

    i wish wwe was like this today

  8. 242shaka says:

    The 17 ppl that disliked this are kids from the PG era

  9. ItsTime says:

    Damn the crowd was hella into the match the last 10 minutes of it
    especially when the Rock Rock bottomed Triple H

  10. Ryan Webb says:

    Hahahaha. Watch 36:28. hhh and the hat.

  11. xoxLiciousMoMoxox says:

    You obviously didnt watch WWF at this time. If you did you wouldn’t of even
    questioned Linda being at Mankinds corner. Her being in his corner was very
    significant. Go do some history searching.

  12. DillonKeene says:

    Mick Foley is ballsy. When they did that spot at 11:15 a year prior at
    Wrestlemania 15 it snapped 2 of his ribs.

  13. DillonKeene says:

    Mick looked to be in really good shape here.

  14. thisiskris017 says:

    Yes as a storyline it makes sense, to someone who’s had 20 concussions or
    so as a performer it just isn’t fair

  15. JET-LIFE MUZIK says:

    HHH old song>>>>

  16. marie90 says:

    Foley was forced into retirement after No Way Out in his hell in a cell
    match with HHH a month earlier, Linda brought foley back after he was
    forced to retire by HHH, he was later made the Commissioner for the
    remainder of 2000 after Shawn Michaels gave up the position, then was fired
    by vince in December of 2000 and replaced by William Regal in 2001.

  17. Jack Swift says:

    Triple h theme song is great

  18. thisiskris017 says:

    Why did Linda Mcmahon escort Foley ? He’s main eventing their biggest PPV
    and they stick him with a bag of bones as his entrance companion ? That’s
    fucked up

  19. Carl alarcos says:

    the rock should have won fairly and Vince cheated

  20. abdibasid abdi says:

    vince mcmahon should never be trusted by some1 like rock

  21. abdibasid abdi says:

    vince mcmahon should never be trusted by some1 lyk rock

  22. TheJ024 says:

    Exactly it man. And 2000 would’ve been the PERFECT platform for that, but
    sadly it wasn’t. But oh well; 2000 was still a red hot year for the WWE.
    (Or WWF lol) The wrestling back then was just AWESOME! Miss those great
    days….those were the days lol =)

  23. KodyRF1993 says:

    Yeah. It’s kind of sad that the second biggest superstar in WWE history has
    never won a WWE Title match at Wrestlemania. He’s 0-4, while Stone Cold is

  24. TheJ024 says:

    It would’ve worked a lot better if The Rock won the WWF Championship at
    WrestleMania. From a storyline perspective, he would’ve redeemed himself
    from his loss at WrestleMania XV. On the other hand, the route that the WWF
    took with this angle wasn’t bad either. At least we got another Triple
    H/Rock match at Backlash where he did win back the WWF Championship, but
    you’re right; winning it at a WrestleMania…there’s more prestige to it.
    And Rock should’ve had a WrestleMania where he won the title

  25. KodyRF1993 says:

    Exactly. Even in this match, there was no reason Rock shouldn’t of won the
    title here. I know he won at Backlash, but still, winning at WM means a
    whole lot more.