WWE Wrestlemania 28 John Cena Vs The Rock

XCFL MMA Video Ranking: four / five

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24 Responses to “WWE Wrestlemania 28 John Cena Vs The Rock”

  1. MKobik LP says:


  2. Jim Williams says:

    Everybody knows that John Cena let The rock win can u smell what The cock is cooking

  3. Jaime Arevalo says:

    you are a moron

  4. hasyando march says:


  5. TheSteveoizzle says:

    i wish it didnt look so fake… wtf lol

  6. Mike Rotch says:

    i was there :)

  7. TmarTn says:

    Why would you want to have sexual intercourse with cena?

  8. Mehdi boy says:

    Cena <3 , fuck the rock

  9. Tommy Mandi says:

    Does anyone else get goosebumps in the beginning when they’re staring at the crowd and the crowd is going crazy?

  10. 805rainmaker says:

    They could never get the rock bottom right.. Not like the rock delivered to people in the attitude era

  11. Quadir Tonge says:

    NOOoo cena had he 2nd attitude adjustment

  12. iason papadopoulos says:

    now you can chant toothfairy motherfuckers 123

  13. مشعل السيف says:

    cena suck cena suck cena suck

  14. Rex Recarro says:

    sorry at 10:20

  15. Rex Recarro says:

    the rock says we do a ddt at 10:23

  16. Christian Linares says:

    The Rock vs Hulk Hogan WrestleMania Crowd was 10x WAY better The Rock vs John Cena WrestleMania Crowd and that is a fact haha but eh oh well lol

  17. XOXOLoveLyricsXOXO says:

    I’m a huge fan of Cena… But the Rock won. Oh well…

  18. Manny Villarreal says:

    John Cena!!! A big fan since 1999 when he was at OVW:)

  19. david giessner says:

    This match was awesome in the fact that the rock won…. Now their are a list of reasons why this match was absolutely horrible and I refuse to watch the second one…. Fist of all all the announcers did was shove cena down your throat cena this cena that… Second is cena almost dominated the whole match and with the same moves he dose all the time it’s the same five moves all the time and were lucky it’s wrestle mania cause we actually saw a high risk maneuver 0.0…. If I had to sum the Matc

  20. EpicGamers007 says:

    Three faces of the wwe lost to the rock at mania

  21. khalid abdi says:

    fucking bitch cena sucks go rock

  22. Channel Thomas says:

    Thank u I’m glad I don’t have to pay for this

  23. None Of Ur Bnizz says:

    The Rock and Lavar Johnson look alike. 

  24. shere dore says:

    Wow cena is kicking the rocks ass right now