Junior Dos Santos Charged For Potential Doping Violation

The trend which is seeing the fall of major UFC fights apart stayed and witnessed on Friday as well, when Junior Dos Santos was dragged from his bout of UFC 215 opposite Francis Ngannou over the matter of a potential violation of doping.

The UFC released a statement recently; it is the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and informed dos Santos very clearly that it seems he has violated the policy of UFC after a sample collected from the player’s body when he was out-of-competition on Aug. 10. The test turned positive. After the confirmation of the information that dos Santos sample is found positive, UFC took the action against the player.

UFC pulled dos Santos from his next fight because of the reason. The upcoming fight of the player was scheduled in Sept. 9 in Edmonton, Canada.

After pulling dos Santos, UFC says they are looking for the replacement to fight against Ngannou on the card.


Knocking out Junior Dos Santos, former champion in the first round at the UFC 211, Stipe Miocic came off victorious tocart home his second title defense.

With this feat he has achieved, a lot of spectators believe that Miocic has been able to inch himself a step closer to becoming one of the best heavyweights in the game.

Someone else believes otherwise – Francis Ngannou, number five ranked contender. Ngannou during the last Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, gave his take on the performance of the Cleveland born fighter during the game held in Dallas.

“That was a good performance, but I was not impressed, I need more than that. I would say I’m more impressed with someone like [Cain] Velasquez. I think Velasquez is the best heavyweight that we have, and that’s why I want to fight him,” Ngannou said (via MMA Fighting).


The heavy weight action division saw Netherlands Alistair Overeem with a third-round TKO victory over Mark Hunt of New Zealand at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas as he kicked off the main card of UFC 209.

In the first round, both fighters lived up to their reputations as K-1 kickboxers, with Overeem sending in an oblique kick that opened up a nasty cut on Hunt’s leg. On the other hand, Hunt shot in some powerful kicks which had massive effects on his opponent’s body.

In the opening round, Overeem’s ability to control the range of the fight was evident and was the reason MMA Fighting scored the round for the Demolition Man.

In the second round, Overeem went in more aggressively as he pushed his opponent to the fence, landing some vicious knees to his head and body. Getting close to Hunt is always a dangerous move as Overeem found out when the former stuck in a big elbow that made Overeem stumble, yet he was able to suck it in.

Finally, Overeem came out stronger and went on to regain ultimate control of the round.


The encounter between Junior Dos Santos and Stipe mosaic was a fearsome battle with both fighters going for the kill. However, Santos won the bruising battle narrowly via a unanimous decision.

The bout which took place at Arizona on Saturday saw the two champions take strike after strike at each other, it was nothing short of a mind-blowing encounter.

Santos who was competing for the first time having lost back to back to champion Cain Vasquez returned to winning ways when he defeated mosaic in the cage on Saturday. Moicic was arguably the best fighter in the first two rounds landing heavy punches on his opponents, however, by the third round, Santos was finding his feet. This later paid off as he dropped Moicic with a breathtaking punch.

As things progressed, the tempo of the game increased with Moicic at the receiving end. At the fourth round, things were done and dusted with Santos able to pin Moicic to the ground. This was enough for the judges to hand victory to Santos eventually.

Junior Dos Santos Wins Fight Against Ben Rothwell

The fight that occurred between Ben Rothwell and Junior dos Santos was good news for Junior’s fans.

It was the UFC Fight Night 86 event. As Junior dominated over his opponent, it was a night that went in his favor. Those who are his fans loved the fight. Junior dos Santos showcased his skills well that night. He showed that he was a worthy champion in the heavyweight championship that was held in Zagreb. If you see how he looked that night, Dos Santos was a reinvigorated person. It was part of the main event of that Fight Night event. It was also a debut event for UFC that was held in Croatia. All in all, it was an event that fans are unlikely to forget for a long time.

Dos Santos was a stylish player in the rounds. He showcases slick moves as well as combined the same with strikes that were punishing. Overall, it was an overwhelming game to his opponent. Among the last three fights that he has had, he won the second fight.

Junior Dos Santos Ready For A Rematch With Werdum

Fabricio Werdum and Junior dos Santos might have a rematch and Junior is confident that he would be able to knock out Fabricio easily.

Junior is confident that he would be able to repeat the feat of defeating Fabricio again. The champion title holder of the UFC in the heavyweight category was not a title holder when he had won the match over Fabricio.

Junior does admit that there have been several improvements to Werdum’s style. He is a better fighter in the standup style. The jiu jitsu techniques that he exhibits are the best in the heavyweight category. Fabricio, as per Junior, has improved a lot when it comes to jiu jitsu. However, Junior is confident of his fighting skills and is sure that he would be able to knock him out fast if there is a rematch.