About Georges St Pierre

Georges St Pierre hails from Canada, and is an expert in the mixed martial arts. He is at the moment the welterweight champion who fights under the banner of the UFC. For many years now, he has been ranked as the number one welterweight champion in the world, and consecutively from the years 2008 to 2010, he has won the accolade of being the Canadian Athlete of the year.

Georges St Pierre had long since been called the ‘Rush’. And there is a reason behind his earning this nickname. When it comes to a fight, he starts out with superb speed and potency, and is probably the most venomous finisher in the history of the UFC. And his winning streak has been spectacular, to say the least. But after his last win at the UFC 94, where he took down Penn, he has not been that lucky because since that fight, he has not been able to finish another fight, and all his victories have come in the form of unanimous decisions, which were in his favour.

Georges St Pierre’s fighting style is unique. He has a very nice seventy-six inch reach, which lets him jab viciously at opponents, and at the same time maintain a very distance from them. And apart from this, he always looks for an opening where he could use his blast double-leg takedown to the fullest extent, and it has been evident from his former fights that his opponents melt like butter when it comes to this lethal move. And he has stated earlier also that he will put on a more elaborate show, so that his fans can be entertained even more. But sadly, his performance has not proved so till now, and everyone hopes that he will be back to his former ruthless self soon again.

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