The heavy weight action division saw Netherlands Alistair Overeem with a third-round TKO victory over Mark Hunt of New Zealand at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas as he kicked off the main card of UFC 209.

In the first round, both fighters lived up to their reputations as K-1 kickboxers, with Overeem sending in an oblique kick that opened up a nasty cut on Hunt’s leg. On the other hand, Hunt shot in some powerful kicks which had massive effects on his opponent’s body.

In the opening round, Overeem’s ability to control the range of the fight was evident and was the reason MMA Fighting scored the round for the Demolition Man.

In the second round, Overeem went in more aggressively as he pushed his opponent to the fence, landing some vicious knees to his head and body. Getting close to Hunt is always a dangerous move as Overeem found out when the former stuck in a big elbow that made Overeem stumble, yet he was able to suck it in.

Finally, Overeem came out stronger and went on to regain ultimate control of the round.

For Hunt, the damage Overeem dished out to him in the clinch proved to be a harbinger of hurt, During the third round, Overeem once again pinned Hunt against the fence, went on nailing his opponent with a left elbow before sealing it with a right knee to the head.

That was the final blow as Hunt, badly hurt, crumbled to the mat thus bringing the match to an end.

Hunt later announced on Instagram after the match that he had suffered a broken tibia during the course of the fight.

In May, Miocic will defend his belt against Junior dos Santos at UFC 211. The UFC 209 winner is hoping the Brazilian can take home the belt and set up a rematch with Overeem.

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