Best knockouts of MMA/UFC history [BRUTAL]

XCFL MMA Video clip Score: three / five

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25 Responses to “Best knockouts of MMA/UFC history [BRUTAL]”

  1. colbie oster says:

    Nice toaster this was filmed on

  2. Andrew Andrei says:


  3. michael guevara says:

    el video dice: los mejores kos de la mma/ufc… el derribo que le hacen a
    Fedor Emelianenko en el que se tuerce su cuello, no terminó en ko… más
    bien, Fedor se recupera y gana la pelea por sumisión, con una llave de

  4. 007treybaby says:


  5. jack roszel says:


  6. Josh Dunk says:

    in an MMA fight you take advantage of your opponent being on the floor
    because if not they will get up and fight back, the aim is not to get hit?
    so you make the most of them being on the floor… cunt

  7. outland9 says:

    Quality of this Video is Shit.. The Music is Shit.. Dont bother uploading
    SHIT.. unless you know how to do shit… shit shit shit

  8. Albert Mag says:

    hay,, the guy is obviously an armature doing this for free///Yeah the
    quality is poor and the music is not easy on my ears .but at least he’s
    putting up real free MMA & UFC ETC. fighting videos …I posted several UFC
    of recent fights by using a tripod, digital camera and a lcd wide screen
    and getting the pay per view free threw the internet on first row sports
    ….just google it ..this isn’t spam Either…UFC yanked mine,, I think
    these work because the sound ..has been removed

  9. ForzaMil4no says:

    I love the video and the song *_*

  10. MMAoRampage says:

    Aha the song starts at the first strike –> amazing

  11. Daftbuster007 says:

    The slam at00:34 wasn’t a ko

  12. BleakVision says:

    One commen theme: More often than not the referee has to stop a fighter
    beating the other fighter to death. No sportsmanship at all. Fuck MMA.

  13. LucaaToni09 says:

    O.M.G Cro Cop at 1:09

  14. xXUnkutKillerXx says:

    Magnifique vidéo R.E.S.P.E.C.T

  15. clementdu65800 says:

    Franchement question musique/montage rien a dire mais la qualité est
    vraiment mauvaise et c’est dommage …

  16. Jessica Moustafa says:

    Shitty song

  17. Claus Arberg says:

    Crappy music

  18. Albert Mag says:

    “What Life a Bring” name of song , it is always posted above right
    side …I’s odd why so many people ask that question …..

  19. B2OBAscarface says:

    T’as géré super montage et la zik c’est une tuerie ! Bonne continuation 😉

  20. bili68002 says:

    yo man what’s the name of the song ?!

  21. FiftyGrafity06 says:

    Oui vla la qualité hehe

  22. Allan V says:

    shitty fuckin quality!

  23. tobakabulov says:

    name of the song please?

  24. mwinx8686 says:

    Weak ass video.

  25. angel rodriguez says:

    Is your favorite rampage jackson