Capoeira KO in MMA UFC – Crazy Knockout – Incredible

XCFL MMA Video Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Capoeira KO in MMA UFC – Crazy Knockout – Incredible”

  1. yakyakeeful says:


  2. eko nugroho susanto says:

    Amazing fight

  3. Pedro Martins says:

    That’s not UFC

  4. bluntpuffa666 says:

    grown ass men should know when someone is knocked out..

  5. jack Smolder says:

    brasil = UFC ….USA SUCK, BRASIL > USA

  6. geofish117 says:

    That’s not a capoeria specific kick. That’s a spinning heel hook. Anybody
    who’s trained in karate, tae kwon do, or something along those lines would
    know this kick. It’s older than capoeria…by a long shot.

  7. ZandalariHero says:

    He didn’t see that one coming.

  8. Ryu Arashi says:

    yeah sure… have you ever even fought a tournament? that kick was
    incredible fast and hit it’s target precisely (though that might have been
    luck), you seem to have no idea how hard it is to predict or block a back
    kick 😉

  9. John Menyhard says:

    see they are other kick then the round house

  10. maziku says:


  11. Rupert Bubbletrousers says:

    Obviously not the UFC. But that was a great kick, he was fast. It’s hard to
    block something like that, that’s not the kind of form or normal
    style/angle of a kick that you see very often. Great knockout highlight.

  12. Marcelo Marsico says:

    Meia-Lua-de-Compasso é isso ai,uma vez Capoeira sempre Capoeira

  13. TheNatanzim1000 says:

    e o juiz, chamando os paramedicos… “vem vem vem, o cara apago geral”
    kkkkkkkkkkk capoeira no sangue mermãããão

  14. steve styless says:

    yes u do.. its 2 hands, 1 hand n no hand bro…

  15. MikeDiFool says:

    Know what we call that kick in the States? The fucking ‘Sledgehammer’!!!!!

  16. Kristoff Bowen says:

    oh my

  17. ioDARKANGELoi says:

    nice spam,,ill definitely check it out,,hahaha

  18. Anton Provenzano says:

    Isso é ou meia lua de compasso ou rabo de arraia

  19. Kevin Cain says:

    What did the five toes say to the face??

  20. jolly rancher says:

    You’re funny that don’t even make any sense! Don’t worry Anderson will get
    his tittle back.

  21. mystomachurts2005 says:

    Great technique. I’m gonna practice that kick for my next fight

  22. Pyrophallus says:


  23. MisterHammerFist says:

    Thats one bad ass motherfucker there.

  24. markw999 says:

    Good shot. I’ve always wondered if more capoeira sweeps would make it into
    MMA. I’ve never seen it used though.

  25. wpalavesinii says:

    colocou pra dormir….kkkkk