The encounter between Junior Dos Santos and Stipe mosaic was a fearsome battle with both fighters going for the kill. However, Santos won the bruising battle narrowly via a unanimous decision.

The bout which took place at Arizona on Saturday saw the two champions take strike after strike at each other, it was nothing short of a mind-blowing encounter.

Santos who was competing for the first time having lost back to back to champion Cain Vasquez returned to winning ways when he defeated mosaic in the cage on Saturday. Moicic was arguably the best fighter in the first two rounds landing heavy punches on his opponents, however, by the third round, Santos was finding his feet. This later paid off as he dropped Moicic with a breathtaking punch.

As things progressed, the tempo of the game increased with Moicic at the receiving end. At the fourth round, things were done and dusted with Santos able to pin Moicic to the ground. This was enough for the judges to hand victory to Santos eventually.

Despite the defeat, Miocic who threw everything at Santos may have delivered one of his best performance since debuting at UFC. The match ended with both fighters leaving the ring with swollen and bloodied face.

Santos will agree that this match was different from others. While he had an easy ride in previous matches with Nate Diaz, this particular one cost him everything.

This win marks dos Santos successful return to the Octagon at the expense of Miocic. However, we would have to keep watching to see if dos Santos ever recovers his belt. For now, victory is sweet, and he is savoring every taste of it.

Elsewhere, Matt Mitrione was able to defeat Gabriel Gonzaga while Alistair Overeem stopped Stefan Struve.

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