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Knocking out Junior Dos Santos, former champion in the first round at the UFC 211, Stipe Miocic came off victorious tocart home his second title defense. With this feat he has achieved, a lot of spectators believe that Miocic has been able to inch himself a step closer to becoming one of the best heavyweights […]


The encounter between Junior Dos Santos and Stipe mosaic was a fearsome battle with both fighters going for the kill. However, Santos won the bruising battle narrowly via a unanimous decision. The bout which took place at Arizona on Saturday saw the two champions take strike after strike at each other, it was nothing short […]

Junior Dos Santos Wins Fight Against Ben Rothwell

The fight that occurred between Ben Rothwell and Junior dos Santos was good news for Junior’s fans. It was the UFC Fight Night 86 event. As Junior dominated over his opponent, it was a night that went in his favor. Those who are his fans loved the fight. Junior dos Santos showcased his skills well […]

Junior Dos Santos Ready For A Rematch With Werdum

Fabricio Werdum and Junior dos Santos might have a rematch and Junior is confident that he would be able to knock out Fabricio easily. Junior is confident that he would be able to repeat the feat of defeating Fabricio again. The champion title holder of the UFC in the heavyweight category was not a title […]

Junior dos Santos to take on Alistair Overeem

Former Strike Force Heavyweight champion had long been calling out the former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos, from the time when the Brazilian was the champion. In fact, he had pushed so many buttons that the Brazilian, who is not known to be the most outspoken of fighters in […]

Junior dos Santos not Satisfied with Himself

He is the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight champion with a record of 15-1 in Mixed Martial Arts but Brazilian Junior dos Santos is not quite ready to rest on his laurels. He knows that being the champion in the world’s top Mixed Martial Arts promotion bring a lot of added pressure with […]