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A Decision Taken By Junior Dos Santos

Junior dos Santos was on the verge of defeat by Stipe Miocic but it was not all over for Junior dos Santos. In fact he was closer to yet another win. He was in a clear state of mind as he wanted to win the championship. He did defeat Miocic by a clear majority and […]

Jon Jones says he understands Chael Sonnen now

It is more or less safe to say that Jon Jones, the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight champion has spent enough time with the challenger for his title Chael Sonnen to know something about him. The two were paired to coach the opposing teams in the 17th season of The Ultimate […]

UFC 154: Anderson Silva Wants GSP Next, Not Jon Jones

XCFL MMA Video Score: four / five

UFC 152: Jon Jones Forgives Dana White Despite Never Receiving an Apology

XCFL MMA Video clip Score: two / 5