The best Knockouts 2008 mma ufc

XCFL MMA Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “The best Knockouts 2008 mma ufc”

  1. HiBonbon35 says:

    2:08 song Please ??

  2. Ryan McNamee says:

    Music retarded

  3. cory cottrell says:

    +Ben Deras its called paint a dark picture by tech n9ne

  4. Synergy157 says:

    hahaha that song has the star wars theme in the background

  5. Ben Deras says:

    What the name of the song that says ” take the sun away”

  6. carlos carmona reta says:

    I can not believe a kimbo ko

  7. Martin Medina says:

    jojoooo altas manos

  8. Junior Capone says:

    For those who did not like the songs. Fuck you.

  9. keepindafunk says:


  10. Жасулан Каман says:

    you shok you mouse baby

  11. beatbox1717 says:

    That’s tech n9ne! Kansas city mane!

  12. 100YardFumble says:

    that one with the guy going for an armbar then the other guy lifts him up
    and slams him on his face was nasty

  13. James Costigan says:

    Second song is tech9

  14. mrbeaverstate says:

    Muuuuch better on mute.

  15. MrScrewmaster says:

    who is the fighter 1:33?

  16. Kyle Becker says:

    I actually didn’t say that, you have the wrong person.

  17. Annie Wade says:

    ref 216 should never ref again what a slow bastard

  18. curlyfrykiller24 says:

    tech n9ne- paint a dark picture

  19. blahblah5940 says:

    I think the sport has lost its essence. You would think alot these fighters
    would know when to stop or when the opponent is unable to defend themselves
    or even have some restraint. Most of the clips shows what im saying.

  20. Fuktheprez says:

    Hell yeah, Love the song!! Immortal Technique is a beast!!

  21. paul allen says:

    I would but i cant stand the crap you guys call music,I know thats your
    thing but i would rather hear the audience or the guy call the fight not
    that constant rhyming over and over.

  22. freeewaste says:

    Are you stupid ? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, problem solved.
    These men or women are MMA fighters.

  23. Collector731 says:

    mrblades is obvious troll, DO.NOT.FEED.TROLLS!

  24. mattxXx13 says:

    The first guy is such an asshole.

  25. justinlikestocomment says:

    2:21 like a boss, like