The UFC believes that for boxing to gain as much exposure and popularity as other popular sports namely cricket, football, tennis and the like what is of prime importance is to break the monotony of the game. Variation is the only solution that can appeal to the masses.

The match between the two stalwarts Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez proves the fact correct as the two are from different forms of martial art all together. While the former was a minor the later is known for his heavy weight championship games where he has put forth his major moves forward.

This match was considered a unique one as for the first time the octagon witnessed the mix of forms which gives dynamism to the entire picture of the boxing game. UFC and BBC News Time had given their best to promote this game to the best of their ability and indeed they were able to achieve the much needed publicity for the game. Watchers of other sports were also quite keen on witnessing this kind of a match that has never been seen in the history of boxing.

This memorable match between Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez was highly rated with respect to the TV viewers but also it was also the “hot” topic for conversation among sports lovers. This match was the most high rated MMA fight ever watched in the history of television. Thus what can drawn from this recent updates of the boxing world is that the world opposes monotony and welcomes change and with respect to sports the combination of the two separate forms of martial art was indeed a major in making the octagon famous the masses.

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