WWE WrestleMania 28 Full PPV Live – WWE ’12 Livestream

XCFL MMA Movie Ranking: 2 / five

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24 Responses to “WWE WrestleMania 28 Full PPV Live – WWE ’12 Livestream”

  1. hindru1 says:

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  2. ud6786 says:

    My Wrestlemania 29 Match Card

    1.Ryback vs Brodus Clay (Lumberjack Match)

    2.heath slater vs zack ryder (US Title)

    3.cody rhodes vs dolph ziggler (IC Title)

    4.Vickie vs Layla (Divas Title)

    5.cm punk vs shamus vs daniel byran (Triple Treat for WWE title)

    6.hhh vs chris jericho (Winner becomes CEO of WWE)

    7.Undertaker vs Brock lesner (Streak vs Career)

    8.alberto del reo vs randy ortan (Last Man Standing for WHC)

    9.Big Show vs John Cena (I Quit Match Career vs Career)

    Hosted By HBK , EPIC

  3. bak marko says:


  4. DRWZful says:

    And the real ppv wouldnt just be an hour and a half. i could go on for days. 

  5. DRWZful says:

    And the date the video was made before the actual ppv. Dumbshit

  6. DRWZful says:

    You dont know what i think you dont know me. I watch This guy’s videos all the time i knew it was a video game. If you just read the fucking title all the way and not half ass read it and assume. even a person with the brain of a raisen can tell its not the real ppv

  7. adam4everrap says:

    this end better than the real wrestlemania end….

  8. DRWZful says:

    It says the name of the fuckin video game its from. Lmao Dont be tellin me to read it again

  9. cam5478 says:

    it even says wwe 12′ livestream in the title

  10. nightboys619 says:

    @DRWZful Yo bitch it said live and it even look like it so take a chill pill cuz we all know that u thought the same shit but just trying to act cool

  11. yaleaboss says:

    go to 1channel.ch for wrestlemania 28 search wwe 

  12. evandiaz42 says:

    Loved it

  13. ultramatian says:

    nice lightsaber

  14. mickey taylor says:

    yes but he made the video on march 29 2012 thats a few days before wrestle mania 28….dumb ass

  15. EvilPlank says:

    You dumbshit should read the title again and tell me that the title does not persuade that this is the real ppv.. dumbshit.

  16. comandoaguila21 says:

    Que fiasco de video ya no subas nada plis you fokiu

  17. DRWZful says:

    Maybe you dumbshits should read the whole title instead of assume

  18. BDAMwM says:

    The real PPV is in the suggestions. So stop complaining!!!!!

  19. David Weigel says:

    fuckin ass hole its a video game

  20. MsFred51 says:

    when tony said oh yeah,he sounded just like the kool aid man.

  21. asa jones says:

    and spell want right you dumb ass

  22. asa jones says:

    rad the title intead of fucking coming here and insulting his video

  23. asa jones says:

    WM 28 was months ago

  24. asa jones says:

    your so fucking annoying